Architecture Tour

Český Krumlov is one of the first places in the Czech Republic to be included among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This town will enchant every visitor with its exraordinary amount of unique Medieval monuments concentrated in a small integral area. Still retaining its original layout from the 14th century, the town is now a living textbook of Medieval architecture. The visitor who is lucky enough to witness this beauty of countless Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque structures feels as if a magic wand has sent him back to the 16th century.

Join the Architecture Tour !

You can:

  • admire magnificent examples of Italian, Austrian, Bavarian, French, and even Dutch architecture.
  • study basic features of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Empire architecture
  • quickly learn the differences between the styles
  • finaly become an expert of European medieval architecture

The "Architecture Tour" is focoussed on the medieval architecture of European towns and castles.

Tour is provided by proffesional construction engineer.

Tour lenght: 120 min
Price: 2 000 CZK
Guide: Oto Šrámek - diploma construction engineer, Technical University Prague