Many delayed groups are having serious problems with finding next suitable castle entrance time. Sometimes they are not allowed to enter the castle at all, as all the other suitable times are sold out or standard castle guides are not avaiable for delayed groups.

For delayed groups we always arrange special castle entrance time with the respect to the rules of castle tours (see bellow).

The rules of Český Krumlov castle tours

Dear business partners,

Thank you for the enthusiasm and good custom of your visits to The State Castle and Chateau of Cesky Krumlov over the last few years. We appreciate your interest and we believe that our cooperation has been successful and mutually beneficial. It is, however, necessary to respect a few rules which are needed to ensure the smooth running of the castle and the full satisfaction of both our and your clients and to maintain standards and to improve them in the future:

1) The tour group must not be crowded but the capacity can not be used by only a few people - it is not economical and effective.The capacity of the tour group is 45 people. This number meets the optimal size of a group for which we are able to guarantee the high-quality of the commentary and satisfaction of the visitors. But if there is a group of 20 people with a reservation, The State Castle and Chateau of Cesky Krumlov can add more visitors including Japanese people or groups to this tour group according to the required language. This can be done without the booked group´s agreement and has to be accepted by the visitors and their tour leaders. The tour group stays together during the tour. It is not possible to split it as economic criteria and the effectivity of the tour rule out using the potential capacity for a few people only. The combined groups proceed together through the interior of the castle during the tour. It is not possible to divide them according to the individual parties from the specific travel agencies. The explanation is given to the combined group which is guided by a single castle guide provided by the State Castle and Chateau of Český Krumlov. The guide provides the commentary for all the visitors in the group together.

2) It is essential that groups with reservations respect the booked time. Should the group be delayed it is necessary to inform the cash-desk in time and if possible the next suitable time can be reserved or the delayed group can be combined with another group. The State Castle and Chateu of Ceský Krumlov has a huge volume of visitors and in most cases it is not possible to admit a delayed group into the building at any other time than the time booked for the tour.

Thank you for respecting these rules and we look forward to further cooperation with you in the future.

Yours sincerely

PhDr. Pavel Slavko, Director of The Castle of Cesky Krumlov



1 人数について


2 予約時間の厳守



PhDr. Pavel Slavko, Director State Castle Cesky Krumlov