The town of Cesky Krumlov guarantees the qualification, knowledge and experience by the badge "Český Krumlov OFFICIAL TOURIST GUIDE"

In the year of 2018 there is 23 highly qualified local Official Tourist Guides. Other 5 local licenced guides participate in the educational seminars for getting their guide badge of quality

Association of professional Guides of town Český Krumlov is the professional association of licensed tour guides whose main goal is to provide high quality tour guiding services in Cesky Krumlov and its region.

4 Reasons to Hire Official Guide of town Český Krumlov

* We are all qualified guides with focus on improvement of our professional skills and knowledge, not only in history & arts, but also in other tourism-related services available in Český Krumlov and its region.

* We are freelance guides registered with the Czech Business License Office.

* We are dedicated to our profession. We know not only the history of the Český Krumlov houses, and the local legends and stories; we also know the lives of local citizens and we know the town´s current events; we know what is worth seeing and doing here in Cesky Krumlov.

* We are familiar with the local conditions and can assist you in setting up your independent or group trip to Cesky Krumlov and to South Bohemia

*The town of Český Krumlov guarantees the qualification and experience of Official Tourist Guide by the guide badge with town´s logo

How to become an Official Guide of town Český Krumlov?

All Cesky Krumlov official tourist guides need to meet the following conditions:

* must have a minimum of 3 years experience in tour guiding

* must be registered as a holder of the tourist guide license

* must provide interpreting services for the regular ispections of Tour Guide Legitimacy conducted by Business Licence Office of Cesky Krumlov

* must participate in the educational seminars orgainized by the Association of Cesky Krumlov guides for 3 eyars on annual basis

* by fulfilling the conditionts local guide may become a holder of the Cesky Krumlov Official Tourist Guide badge

*even highly qualified Official Tourist Guides with the guide badge must focus on their further personal improvement and participate in at least 50 % of the following educational seminars