With the enchanting beauty of night Krumlov in the background, let us walk you through a town full of stories and swordfighting. Our experienced local guide will walk you through an hour of 9 local legends and ghost stories, accompanied by torches, historic weapons, and professional swordfighters, all in historic costume.

The historic old town of Český Krumlov has retained its untouched atmosphere throughout the years with its Genius Loci, or the spirit of the place. Its centuries-old homes and streets conceal numerous secret stories and secret messages even today.
Join us as we unveil the secrets of history together and peer into the past. A wave of your mind's magic wand will whisk you away to the dark Medieval ages and you'll wind through the crooked streets, becoming witness to nine stories that the past has held for us in local legends. The web of historical stories was woven by the superstitious Medieval mind - in addition to actual historic events, you'll glimpse the likes of spectres, ghosts, and other figures from the land of legends, myths, and fairytales.

First station: Unfulfilled Love

We meet with the beautiful maiden Elsa, who after a tragic love affair ended her life in the dark depths of the Vltava River.

Second station: The Taverner

The tragic accident of a local tavern owner, whose ghost still lingers at the place of his passing even today.

Third station: The Witch

During the dark Middle Ages, many an innocent young girl lost her life in flames at the edge of reality. Even Český Krumlov has it own witch, and even today, eyewitnesses testify to unexpected encounters with supernatural appearances.

Fourth station: The Alchemist

Charlatan, scientist, or top chemist of his age? The days of the English alchemists Edward Kelly and John Dee were highly influenced by Renaissance society. Just like Emperor Rudolph II, Český Krumlov's Vilém of Rožmberk sought to attain the magic elixir of youth. The rise and tragic end of Krumlov's famous alchemist.

Fifth station: Krčín

The celebrated lake engineer and Rožmberk regent Jakub Krčín reveals his other face. The story of the glory and curse of the ingenious regent, with a demonstration of original Medieval methods of increasing work productivity.

Sixth station: The Mad Bastard Son

The true story of the mad Don Julius D'Austria, the insane illegitimate son of Emperor Rudolph II. This tragic story of the passionate young Habsburg, which took place in Krumlov, shook the European courts of the early 17th century.

Seventh station: The Executioner

Court proceedings in the Middle Ages were swift, effective, and with minimal subsequent prison expenses. A demonstration of Medieval justice as we catch a criminal, then sentence and execute him...

Eighth station: The Monk's Ghost

In the Medieval Latin school, before the age of John Amos Komensky, discipline was maintained using unusually cruel methods. The rendering of one particular incident of Old Krumlov's past.

Ninth station: Mass for the Dead

Nearby the church at midnight, the dead appear to hold a black mass...

The circle has closed. Disoriented, confused by the winding old streets, dazed by the dark stories, you've almost stopped believing in a happy end, even for the courageous... all the greater the relief when you realize that you're back where you began, and back in the 21st century!

We'll do everything possible to make sure that your own Krumlov Mysteria is, after all, a positive experience that you'll never forget.