"Správa ubytování Český Krumlov"

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We offer 3 rooms with facilities up to 7-10 min walk from the main square 

If you wish to become more closely acquainted with the Medieval beauty of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO monument, then I welcome you to our privat accommodation APARTMENTS "PENSION OTO". Accommodations in the historic center of Český Krumlov will bring you many experiences. Here you can easily imagine yourself in the 16th century, you can stroll the ancient streets at you leisure, and enjoy the atmosphere and mystery of the completely preserved Medieval architecture of the town and castle.

  • At the entrance of historic UNESCO centre.
  • Up to 7-10 min walk to main square.

  • Situated in the newly reconstructed attic of the original house.

  • Each room has its own facilities with an TV, internet connection, Wi-fi, shower and bathroom.

  • Unlimited vehicle access.

  • Privat parking by the house.

  • Kitchen and dinning room for visitors.

  • More restaurants and food shops in distance up to 100 m.

  • Self accommodation avaiable daily after 1 pm

  • More restaurants, food shops, breakfast shops in distance since 30 up to 200 m

room : 1 000 CZK
room : 1 000 CZK
3 x private parking
3 x private parking


Pension location

Pension OTO is located in the attractive area of "Old Plešivec" with enchanting views onto the panorama of the Old Town and the Vltava River. In the Middle Ages this was a community of miners, whose work in the local silver mines contributed to
the glory and richness of Český Krumlov. The pension is at the entrance to the historic center, about up to 10 minute walk from the square. Vehicle access and privat parking by the pension

"Pension Oto" rooms

The accommodation is situated in the newly-reconstructed attic of the original house, completely furnished with new furniture and facilities. Each room has its own facilities with a TV, internet connection, shower and bathroom

  • 1 x double room
  • 1 x twin room

  • 1 x tripple room - (extra bed avaiable) 


The kitchen also serves as a dining room for pension visitors. The kitchen is equipped with an electric hot-plate, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle and coffee percolator. Everything you need for serving is here - plates, glasses, cups, and silverware. The dining area has separate tables for each room.


Find the way easily 

Accommodation time: daily after 4 pm. The other times of your arrival to the pension must be arranged beforehand, as the pension does not have a regular reception. Please inform us of any changes in advance. You will find the way easily. When you drive your car across the bridge over Vltava river, get slower and have a look to the right hand side. You will see there an orange gable with a large inscription PENSION OTO. Thanks to its perfect lighting, the Pension can be easily found even in night time,

  • TAXI: Tel.: 00420 380 712 712