Tour of the historic Old Town in Český Krumlov with professional guide with a badge of quality "OFFICIAL TOURIST GUIDE".


Tour covers: main square, Horni street, Hotel Rose, House of Prelature, St. Vitus church, Old Latin School, Square "Na Louži", Art Centre of Egon Schiele, Široká street, Dlouhá street, Lazebnický bridge, castle village of Latran and all five courtyards of the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau. 

Become acquainted with the town's history, with its architectural development and present. 

During the tour, your guide will show you valuable elements of unique architecture of original burgher homes and the Church o St. Vitus

You will hear old Krumlov legends about the founding of the town, the mad son of Emperor Rudolf, unfulfilled love, charlatan alchemist, tricks of fabric dyers. 

  • Come and see the captivating beauty of Český Krumlov's historic center in a nighttime atmosphere. 
  • During a Night Tour, you'll feel as if someone waved a magic wand and put you back in the 17th century.

  •  Away from the daily noise, passing cars, and crowds of tourists, you'll enjoy a unique impression of our Old Town.

  •  Shops closed down, streets in semi-darkness, music echoing from local pubs; all emphasize the charm of Krumlov.

  •  Experience the monumentality and beauty of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture as you stroll through dimly lit streets.

  •  A night tour of the historic Old Town with our professional guide in gistoric costume is sure to leave you with a magical impression.