Japanese the Best selling travel guide book Chikyu-No-Arukikata: Český Krumlov is the most beautiful town in the world !

地球の歩き方 : チェスキークルムロフ は世界で最 も美 しい町です。

    Guided tours in Český Krumlov town and castle, Hluboká castle and Holašovice

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    We are the only tour guide agency able to offer the exclusive services of four local Japanese guides !

  • Cesky Krumlov  Private Walking Tours with an author of Audioguide Cesky Krumlov
  • Cesky Krumlov Public Night Tours  in English daily from April 1 to October 30
  • Privat  Special Tours - Architecture Tour, Mystery Tour, Team Building, Krumlov and wine, Tour in historic costume
  • Guide Services for Tour Operators
  • Privat  Holasovice tour in Japanese with transport service: www.holasovicetours.com


English and Japanese speaking local "Official tourist guides" and licenced city guides


The town of Cesky Krumlov guarantees the qualification, knowledge and experience  by the badge "OFFICIAL TOURIST GUIDE"


We provided guide services for more than

15 000 groups since 1993


We are local tour guide agency with a tradition dating back to 1993. For more than twenty five years since we began we have provided high quality guiding services to more than 15 000 foreign groups. We provide guide services in Japanese, English and Czech for long-term cooperation through the Cesky Krumlov Official guides and standard licenced city guides. We operate standard and special tours in the historic town of Cesky Krumlov and the castle interiors for tour operators.  For Japanese customers we also provide the tours in UNESCO village Holasovice and Hluboka castle.

 Agency owner:  ing. Oto Šrámek 

 I had the honour to guide Swedish king, both the Irish and Latvian Presidents and write the guide texts for Audioguide Cesky Krumlov


Daily programme in English from April 1 to October 31

Review : "New Appreciation for the City"

This tour left me with a new appreciation for the city. Somehow we were lucky enough that it was just my husband, me and the tour guide, who by the way was an excellent English speaker. He answered all of our questions and even made some jokes wih us during the tour. He had strong knowledge of gothic, renaissance, baroque and classical history which helped put things into perspective for us. (Night tour guided by Official Tourist Guide and Tour Guide Agency owner Oto).

Review: "Great night tour"

Last night had a fantastic night tour with Christian. Just 3 travellers on the tour and it ran for almost 2 hours. It was essentially a personal tour and we saw so much that we had missed walking around by ourselves earlier in the day. Cesky looks lovely but the town is so much more. Tickets at the info point in the main square and meet the guide outside that office at 8.30pm. A leisurely pace and be prepared to learn so much. This tour made our stay in Cesky. Totally recommend it. (Night tour guided by english native speaker Christian ).

Review: "A great night tour"

In October 2011, I and my partner went on a fantastic night tour in Cesky Krumlov. We bought our tickets in the Information Center in the main square. That night, it was just two of us so we got a private tour for an extremely reasonable price. Local guide 's English was almost at the level of a native speaker. She could answer all our questions. She was also very friendly and open. I highly recommend these night tours. The fact that the tour took place in the evening added magic to it because we basically had the town to ourselves. (Night tour guided by Official Tourist Guide Oldriska).